Learn From The Best How to Make a Team Logo Awesome

Are you trying to create a sports logo for your own squad and don’t know where to start? Before you make use of any team logo maker, learn the art of symbolism from the best of the sports industry. Let’s have a look at some of the best games trademarks of all times and observe … Continue reading “Learn From The Best How to Make a Team Logo Awesome”

Are you trying to create a sports logo for your own squad and don’t know where to start?

Before you make use of any team logo maker, learn the art of symbolism from the best of the sports industry.

Let’s have a look at some of the best games trademarks of all times and observe what has made them so famous.

  1. Chicago Blackhawks:They have one of the best signs in the history of sports. Its vintage look with a fierce looking Indian man is an emblem that represents the team’s tradition, cultural heritage and stern determination towards their goal. Even though the emblem consists of intricate designs and a lot of colors, it still looks masculine and aggressive just like a sports mark should.
  2. Oakland RaidersSwords, helmet and a pirate! Nothing can be more intimidating than the combination of these three. This player’s emblem consists of a one eyed pirate with a helmet on a shield with swords. The colors used are silver and black which add an air of authority, justice and creativity to the brand mark making it one of the best emblems of sports group.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers:Their badge consists of three diamonds of yellow, orange and blue color. The image is simple and sophisticated and consists of a deeper meaning. The three diamonds represent the three elements that are used to make steel; yellow for coal, orange or red for ore and blue for steel scrap.
  4. Milwaukee Brewers Glove:At first sight, the team’s glove icon looks simple enough. It is a glove with a baseball in it. On careful inspection you notice that the glove also make up the letters M and B for the squad’s name making it a smart and clever design. Yellow and dark blue are prominently used to represent that the players is optimistic, energetic and just. Even though this trademark is no longer used, it is still one of the most respected squad’s marks in the history.
  5. New York Yankees:This squad’s brand mark has all the qualities that a great logo must have. It is creative, playful, eye catching and patriotic. The image consists of a baseball bat with a top hat designed that has red stripes and blue stars to symbolize the national flag. The image is framed with a baseball ball with the squad name in script. The majority of red color makes the icon eye catching and energetic. Overall the design is flirty, athletic and nationalistic making it one of the best signs of all time.
  6. Ladies Professional Golf:This symbol reminds me of a strong and confident woman who is feminine and capable at the same time. Their emblem consists of abstract colorful lines that look like a woman swinging a golf club. The dark blue and white colors in the background can make a team logo design a symbol of strength and tranquility. The design is stylish, powerful and athletic at the same time.

Let their creativity inspire you!

3D Text Logo To Use or Not To Use Thats The Question

A logo design is the face of a company and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it can make or break a brand.

Different businesses require different type of brand marks. Some need to be subtle and sophisticated while others require a lot of imagination but in both the cases, the trademark that you craft should be distinct.

Many people prefer their brand marks to be subtle and simple which is why they use purely text based designs.

These emblems may look simple but they fail to be distinct or memorable.

So how can you make your text based emblem distinct?

By using 3d text logo!

But things are never as easy as they sound.

Let’s have a look at a few pros and cons of 3 dimensional emblems which will help you select a design type for your brand mark.

The Pros:

  1. They give a contemporary look to the logo:

If you want your business mark to look modern and fashionable then you should add more than one dimension to your trademark. 3 dimensional monograms are fashionable and smart due to which your trademark becomes appealing to the viewers. You can even find a design according to your business nature in 3d. For example, if your product or service is targeted towards children then you can use origami text symbols or if it is related to technology, then you can add a graphical touch.

  1. They give a realistic feel:

Because of the creative competition nowadays, customers want monograms that are real enough to feel and touch. The different layers and angles give a more surrounded view of the design which makes it unique and real.

  1. They are perfect for businesses related to creativity and imagination:

If your business is related to creativity and imagination, then your business monogram must be crafted to reflect the same. 3 dimensional emblems can give you that air of innovation and imagination that you need to attract customers.

The Cons:

  1. Your logo can go out of fashion:

A negative aspect of fashionable symbols is that they go out of style very soon. This is bad news for a company with a 3 dimensional emblem because if they keep on changing their brand mark then the customer will never be able to relate to their company.

  1. It is quite difficult to create a good 3d logo:

3 dimensional monograms are not as easy to create as straight texted ones. They are mostly created on computer softwares which require skill and proficiency as compared to text logo online that can be found very easily over the internet. If you are a small business owner trying to create your own brand mark with no computer expertise, then it might be difficult for you.

In a nutshell, if you want to give an innovative, trendy and realistic touch to your trademark then use 3 dimensional designs but make sure that you craft a design that is timeless and classic so that it does not go out of style soon.