A logo design is a huge publicity forum and these famous dirt bike racing companies know that. But it can still be quite challenging to fit the business symbol on the helmets and other sports equipment.

Below mentioned are famous dirt racing companies that have managed to stand out from the crowd and represent their unique company values in their street bike logo designs.

  1. Fox Dirt Bike Racing:What can be more appropriate for this company then using an image of a fox in their business symbol?Foxes are fast, sleek and cunning which are the elements needed to attract customers to the product. The image is crafted to look contemporary and sophisticated and the classic combination of black and white is used to make the product look authoritative and commanding.
  2. Thor:Nothing can look more imaginative and innovative than using an image of a mythological God in their brand mark. The black and white image of Thor is crafted to look high speed and intimidating. The business name in the emblem is typed to be italic which adds an imaginative touch of the monogram.
  3. JT Racing USA:Here, the letters J and T are crafted to be thick, big and funky which add a touch of informality to the emblem. The words ‘Racing USA’ are scripted under the wing of the letter T which makes the image casual and comfortable.
  4. Fly RacingThis famous emblem is crafted to resemble wings of an aero plane. The business name is encased in an inverted triangle like shape where the letter F is colored in black and red which increases its visibility and makes it strong and aggressive at the same time. Overall, this is the perfect image to depict speed, aggression and power.
  5. Smith Dirt Bike RacingThis company specializes in optical gear and their trademark represents the same. Here, you see an image of an eye shaped structure with an abstract design within it. That design may resemble an eye ball and the letter S at the same time. The business name is again crafted in slightly slanted fonts so that it represents speed and movement.
  6. ScottThis is one of the most popular street bike logos, their emblem is again crafted to be italic as it gives the impression of speed to the monogram. The combination of white text over the black ground enhances the readability of the text. An abstract symbol is created to accompany the text which looks like a cross between the letter S and waves of the ocean which depicts movement and acceleration.

In a nutshell, a common factor that is noticed in all of these brand marks is the illusion of speed, acceleration and movement in the brand marks.

6 Stunning Dirt Bike Logos That Have Ruled The Racing World

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